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Add "Homekit only" devices to Homey


I’m pretty new to Homey and I already have some “Homekit only” lights, like this Flex 3P Multicolor from Osram: https://smartplus.ledvance.com/products/indoor-lighting/index.jsp (so not the Zigbee version).

Is it possible to add these lights to Homey so I can use them in a flow?

Thanks a lot!

Best you can do, is take a look at the app store of homey, and see if there is a app for, because you probely need one.

Hi Roy,

There’s only an app for Osram to work with the Zigbee protocol (https://apps.athom.com/app/com.osram.lightify.zigbee) and not with the Homekit protocol, maybe there’s a workaround for that?