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Add Z-Wave device non-secure?



Is there a way to “force” the Homey to include devices non-secure?
I cannot find any way to choose secure/non-secure inclusion…



if the the device itself gives no such option, then it is indeed not possible.
But feel free to request this feature, the more people do it, the faster it gets implemented.


The device, Heatit TRM2fx thermostats can be included non-secure and secure.


If the device itself gives the option, then it will say in the (device) manual the difference on what to do to include secure or unsecure.

If that is not the case then the device itself just doesn’t support it, and it needs to come from the controller, then all secure devices are able to include unsecure.
But as I said before, that is not implemented.


Like Caseda says, there should be explained in the manual how to do that.
With Aeotec f.i. you can press the device button a 2nd time after you pressed it for including. The 2nd press will force adding it secure.


Curious where you got that information from.
If a device is secure (and the controller can handle it) it will include secure no matter what, this is one of the rules the zwave alliance put into the secure protocol.
You can only “force” unsecure inclusion.


From my experience the thermostat plays along with what the controller says.

Ex 1: FutureHome (Norwegian) zwave hub, included secure with pin code on the thermostat typed in the app for this controller. Everything ok for 24h, then thermostat lost connection with hub.

Ex 2: FutureHome (Norwegian) zwave hub, included NON-secure with the thermostat. Everything ok for several weeks (until I bought Homey Pro).

Ex 3: Homey Pro zwave hub, included secure withOUT pin code, I belive the thermostat told the Homey the twin, I did not type anything. Everything ok for 12-36h, then thermostat lost connection with hub.


Homey does not support security v2 fully yet (the code you are referring to), so it is included as partial security v2 (acts then as security v1).

But as explained before, if is it not in the manual of the device (like aeotec has 2 different amount of z-button pushes to include either secure or unsecure), you will have to contact athom to ask for that feature so homey then forces the inclusion of the device as unsecure.
Or let them fix the issue of losing the connection after some time.


You’re right, I meant with Aeotec, not Fibaro. Mixed some things up.
But it is like i mentioned, 1 press for non-secure (standard), 2 press for secure.