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Ajax systems integration to complement home security

Earlier in this thread I mentioned someone made an integration of the SIA protocol in Home Assistant. So someone else forked this project and owns an AJAX alarm system: https://github.com/eavanvalkenburg/sia

The installation was quick and simple in Home Assistant. After that I made sure HA made URL calls to Homey when the alarm is on or off. In Homey I created a virtual alarm device to react on these calls. I now have a working on and off state in Homey. Very basic and simple, but at least I can now integrate the arm and disarm states of AJAX in my flows.


Nice can you also get a trigger when the alarm goes off? to turn on all lights for example?

Yes, of course :slight_smile: It is a device that can be on or off, so based on that you can trigger anything you like. For now Iā€™m using it to remind me if the alarm is still off when nobody is home.