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Alexa mishears Homey as Harmony

90% of the times I say Alexa, ask Homey, I get a response that is about Harmony.

I have two Homeys and have converted one to version 2, but the other one uses lots of voice input - and is pretty good at correctly interpreting commands spoken by me or my wife directly to the Homey through its microphone, so we are clear enough.

The Harmony skill was installed on the Alexas (two separate accounts, one for each Homey) but has now been removed. Still the problem persists whether with version 1.5 or 2.x.

I have tried lots of accents and emphases in the word “Homey” but with inconsistent success. the Alexas both interpret most other speech perfectly well.

Amazon’s reponse has so far been to suggest reinstallation, but that has not helped. While I will continue to pursue the matter with them, I thought I should ALSO ask here

  1. Am I alone in having this problem, and if not has anyone else found a solution
  2. Is there any way of changing the invocation name for the Homey skill to a word that is distinct from Harmony, so that I will be able to upgrade without losing functionality.

PS I am not yet using any Harmony skills but will probably want to in the future.

All suggestions welcome

Look here

I have the same. Work completely in English and others tell me my English is pretty good. I have tried all kinds of accents and emphasises too. No good result. Even considered to get rid of all because it is super irritating. Can I change the way you trigger Homey through Alexa? Different name that has less similarity then ‘homey and harmony’ ?

Glad to have some support - and disappointed that no-one else responds.

I have also tried unnatural emphases; hoeMEY, HOE…MIE with completely unpredictable results. Training Alexa with my voice also does not help.

The suggestion that the Homey skill could be equipped with an alias facility, just like there are multiple invocation options for Alexa itself, is very good. Perhaps difficult with the skill as it is, but could there be a duplicate skill which uses a different invocation word.?

And when using Alexa, why the “ask Homey” part?
Add the devices to Alexa and just say “Alexa, turn off the lights in the bar” will do aye?

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