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Any workaround for Static IP address config for Homey WiFi?

Thanks for the insight, but I am not sure why we are discussing the other equipment I have which is my network design based my needs! We need to discuss how a esp8266 a 2$ device has a static IP and Homey NOT.

Btw, the specs have always the minimum speeds, in reality here is a picture :slight_smile:

Nice comparison but still a nesp8266 a 2$ device has a static IP :slight_smile:

So why don’t you run your home automation on an ESP8266? Or are you comparing apples with oranges here?

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This topic is great!, very informative.
I finally have a workaround for my shitty overpriced, proffessional but very secure router that doesn’t even have basic functionality.

Almost forgot,
Thanks to all the shareholders and community members for all the help and time you put in to this.

You are, and some others are comparing Homey to Router here, not me! sorry, I am just asking the most basic networking functionality from a device who has a networking interface, that’s all.

And if you’re in love with Homey it’s your right to be, but it doesn’t change the fact that is incomplete product with lack of fundamental networking functionalities.


I didn’t know that you are an expert on “shitty overpriced” devices so you can give your opinion about how I need to design my network, you can enjoy your free SOHO router you received for a free from your provider.


I don’t understand why you’re keeping up this discussion, because you won’t be able to convince anyone else that the lack of a static IP assignment is a gross oversight for Homey, and no one will be able to convince you that it isn’t.

For the market Homey is aimed at, it’s no issue at all for 99,99% of the users. In fact, you’re the first and only one that is having this issue because of your home setup that is (your own words) “professional” as opposed to “consumer”. Homey is a consumer product.


This is spinning out of topic…
So here I draw the line!

And since there is several answers already I close the topic.

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