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[App] Hikvision

Thanks that would be excellent! Timeframe is not an issue :wink:
Let me know what and when I can do to help.

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Sorry for the delayed reply, haven’t been home :wink:
Thanks for giving it a try!
Send me a pm if you need some testing done on the ptz cam.

Hi guys,

I’m trying to add my new Hikvision cams, but nothing happens when i press connect.

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Tried different IP’s and ports. But the ‘‘connect’’ button dont work. It looks like the button is not working. I can only click the ‘‘test’’ button.

@MRK: Does the ip and port combination work when connecting to the camera via web browser? Which protocols do you have enabled on the camera? (Http/https?)

@mapulu I’m having some troubles getting snapshots from my 4K (8mp) cameras. Have been using the app in combination with my 4mp ptz camera and alarm streams of all cameras to great success (via nvr)

When making a snapshot of one of the 8mp cameras I’m getting an image buffer error (see screenshot)
Can get a snapshot of the cameras directly (via virtual server of nvr) using the app and virtual ip camera function.
I’m probably doing something wrong with the settings of nvr, do you have any tips?

My cameras:
DS-2DE2A404IW-DE3 (PTZ-camera)
3x DS-2CD2185FWD-IS
DS-7608NI-K2 / 8P

I’ts working now. Thanks to maplulu for some help by DM. I tried the wrong ip…

Hi, is any list compatible product, or model class ? I want buy some HIK cam, + NVR, which NVR is supported? if possible use WHI-B120 CAM? or NVR other series then DS (HWD or HWN)?
If possible use ANALOG/ip cam (no easyIP) with NVR <> Homey (alert, flow, and other with this app) no direct connection to cam, only to NVR (with ehernet).


Hi, it was working fine until I’ve upgraded the firmware on my NVR, not it is sort of clunky…

I wondered if anyone else had the same issue?

In particular, I used to be able to receive alarm signals - but not anymore?

What is your model and software version of the nvr? (To inform other users of hivison nvr’s)

On the


Alarmtriggers don’t work.

Hi Mapulu,
Thanks for your work. I tried to duplicate your 3 flows, but don`t have all the tags. Is there something I do wrong?

I only get these:


Any help would be nice