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[App] Hikvision

Heus Guys,

Anyone on firmware 4.30 of hikvision NVR? After the firmware update I keep getting ‘invalid image buffer’. I’ve tried everything but can’t get it to work anymore.
It used to work on the previous firmware.

Thanks in advance

You need to set up virtual host in nvr settings. It will give you direct access to the individual cams.
It will put nvr-ip:65001 and so on to the ip of the nvr

Thanks you very much, now i have the cameras in the app.
Only thing is to get a live image because now it is a still video because the time is not moving.

You can only get snapshots (pictures) homey does not support livestreams/movies…

ahh oke so it is a waste of time etc etc because you can do nothing with it.
Also i want a tablet on the wall with a dashboard but when you cant see the cameras i have nothing on the dashboard.

Even when this stay like this maybe i choose an other smart system in the future like domiticz. I thought a homey was a complete product so you don’t need the difficult domoticz.

is it possible to add the video doorbel Hikvision DS-HD1 to this app aswell?