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[APP] idinio

This app makes Homey support idinio Z-wave and Zigbee devices!

Live version (firmware 4x): Live
Test version (firmware 5x): Test

Supported devices in current version of the app:

  • Zigbee Rotary Dimmer Switch

  • Zigbee Module Dimmer Switch

  • Zigbee Cord Dimmer Switch

  • Zigbee Foot Dimmer Switch

  • Z-wave Rotary Dimmer Switch, with metering

  • Z-wave Module Dimmer Switch, with metering

  • Z-wave Cord Dimmer Switch, with metering

  • Z-wave Foot Dimmer Switch, with metering


@johan_bendz i have bough Zigbee Rotary Dimmer Switches, but the app can’t find the dimmers.
If i use an app from an other brand, the they will connect, but as unknown device.

Is there a solution, or is it that i’m missing somthing?

Hi @Rens, can you please post what data you get from the device when it is added as a generic device?
(device settings on the device)
When trying to add the device using the idino app, are you asked to enter a code?

Hi Johan,
When connecting no question for a password.
It just keep searching when using the Idinio app.
This is info of the device when added as an universal device:

Thanks, I found what the issue is and will fix it asap.

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Thanks for the support!!