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[APP] Minut Point

I have also 2 locations, For each location I made a separate home in the Minut app on my phone, and then added both homes to Homey.

Not possible to login in app

Can you try logging in, and after an attempt can you submit a diagnostic report of the app,
Settings > Apps > Minut Smart Home Alarm > Settings > Create Diagnostics Report

There should be a fix on test right now.



Works now



Minut is change there access to API and only Minut pro subscriptions will have access. Do this affect this Minut App in Homey?

As of this moment not yet, However it was mentioned by their system engineer that this might be happening in the future.

Really harsh business plan, if so no more minuts on me! Buying the product should also by me the data!

Hardware manufactures more and more using the "buy in app " scaleable business plan, squeezing money out of the consumer! (Changing the rules also after you have bought it, of course you have to read the small text)

By all means, turn gold into shite!


I am also unable to read any sensor data since about 2 months now. Logging in shows this.

Have been searching for an ”of the shelf solution” to trigger flows in homey based on sound level. Minut seemed promising but as i understand it there is now a subscription fee to be able to access their api to be able to use this homey app?
Are you guys paying for this subscription? Is it ”worth it”?

My current alternative is the netatmo weather station, but that solution does only seem to register sound levels in a 5-10min intervall. This could work but real time would be so much better.

Does anyone have any suggestions/alternative solutions?


Same here. Can’t log in either…

I hope everyone in need of API access, like using Homey, can reach out to the Minut support and tell them how incredibly lousy this feels, since you are now required to pay for an expensive subscription in order to get API access. I no longer like Minut at all, since this is not a modern way of thinking about being open for others to integrate with, this is a really cheap move by them.


Yes, Minut is indeed working very nice. But, due to subscription model, forget teh homey integration. Is that bad news? No, the minut app itself is very good and is more than enough to warn you.

My 2 minuts are still integrated and working with my homey, but as soon as it stops, the minut app will be kicked off the homey, I am not going to pay that much money for the pro subscription, while we do airbnb, its enough to have the minut app on your phone.

Integration with heimdall is nice, minuts are pir’s as well and have a sirene onboard.

Quick couple of questions as I’m considering minut as a security device:

1.The turn alarm on/turn alarm off ‘then’ cards. I’m presuming these arm and disarm the system rather than actually sound the alarm? If so, any way to actually sound the alarm. I’m guessing it’s a no as couldn’t see it in the API documentation.

  1. What does ‘activate disturbance monitoring’ do?

Thanks for any insight!

[quote=“FuzzyDunlop, post:77, topic:2576”]
.The turn alarm on/turn alarm off ‘then’ cards. I’m presuming these arm and disarm the system rather than actually sound the alarm?[/quote]


[quote=“FuzzyDunlop, post:77, topic:2576”]
What does ‘activate disturbance monitoring’ do?[/quote]
Best described as crowd detection or party poopers noise. Settings and thresholds | Minut Help Center

Unless you are willing to pay the subscription fee with Minut, integration with Homey is not possible anymore.

I use mostly their own Minut app on my phone, and its a nice and advanced sensor. Accu drain/duration is these days much better than before.

Thanks for the quick response. Yes, the subscription fee looks a little steep. I thought the device looked pretty nice and the API seems to offer some good integration. The lack of alarm trigger and only sounding on a single device plus hefty monthly fee probably means it’s a non starter. Cheers for the info…

Its different. The minut detects and alarms itself, if there is motion and alarm is enabled, it will sound alarm! And can be silenced from homey. Arming the alarm of a minut is possible from Homey (add separate flow after heimdall state is changed).
The detection (motion) is also usable in Heimdall, and then you can sound other sirenes and do stuff with lights.
But, it is not possible to use the minut as sirene from Homey, no flowcard to start the sirene on its own.