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[APP] Minut Point

I have also 2 locations, For each location I made a separate home in the Minut app on my phone, and then added both homes to Homey.

Not possible to login in app

Can you try logging in, and after an attempt can you submit a diagnostic report of the app,
Settings > Apps > Minut Smart Home Alarm > Settings > Create Diagnostics Report

There should be a fix on test right now.



Works now



Minut is change there access to API and only Minut pro subscriptions will have access. Do this affect this Minut App in Homey?

As of this moment not yet, However it was mentioned by their system engineer that this might be happening in the future.

Really harsh business plan, if so no more minuts on me! Buying the product should also by me the data!

Hardware manufactures more and more using the "buy in app " scaleable business plan, squeezing money out of the consumer! (Changing the rules also after you have bought it, of course you have to read the small text)

By all means, turn gold into shite!

I am also unable to read any sensor data since about 2 months now. Logging in shows this.