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[APP][Pro] Kodi [2.6.0]

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Hi @Marvin_Schenkel,
First sorry for my bad Language,
I know that you have very little time but only one question can you say when it will be implemented?

Hi @Marvin_Schenkel Do you foresee that you will add support for the PVR of kodi ? I would realy be interessted in that. I would like to set the channels using the Xiaomi cube or google home.

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Totally agree!

Hi! I am getting this error ! When trying to run shutdown. I have tried to restart the app etc. I am on version 2.6.0. Running latest build of libreelec with kodi.


Hi! I think I am running into the same issue as you, with the same error, and almost the same setup with libreelec.

Can you explain how you implemented the workaround. I am sorry if it is a dumb question, but I am a bit new to homey.


It is a very long time ago I’ve used this, but I think it was something like this…
Just put the command in the URL like:


For example:{“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“method”:“System.Shutdown”,“id”:1}

Thanks, so, how can I run this as part of a flow? Any idea?

With an addon/app:


I have issues with the app being unable to connect to Kodi quite often. When I check the settings I noticed it’s trying to connect to an external IP-address (I added the hostname in the settings since it might change because of DHCP). When I save the hostname again, it finds the internal IP-address again and the device works fine again. But after a while, probably because I turn off my Kodi machine, it’s again back on the external IP.

Is it possible to have this fixed in the app?

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No, that’s just your dns. Fixed by entering the ip and making a reservation.

@Marvin_Schenkel Hi,

Works this with Kodi 19 Matrix?


Just did a quick test here with Kodi 19 on my laptop. Added OK and was able to control it.

Android, athom homey, the app crashes if i change “play a favorite” (white screen).
And the web works normally.
have one for me so?

is there a way to play the playlist?

Hello. I recently purchased Nvidia Shield that I use for Kodi, I only had 1 ethernet cable going to the TV that I had to plug into Shield for better internet speed. With that I lost the ability to turn my TV on or off remotely since it only supports wake on lan and not wake on wireless. I can’t seem to wake Nvidia shield up with Wake on lan either. So i have a question if its possible to wake shield up using Kodi, because I’ve read that there is such a feature. Can someone please help me out? Thank you.

I doubt you can wake up a device through an installed app when the device is asleep.

How do you intend to turn on the tv or shield remotely besides a rc?

I too had this issue on Kodi. When I was using Addon, the sounds don’t seem fine. But, when I updated the Kodi, everything is fine and smoothly working. I followed this How to Install Kodi on Firestick and Fire TV in October 2021: Install Guide tutorial to install on my Amazon Fire TV Device.