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[APP][Pro] SMA Solar devices

Hello @Richard_B Do you use " OBIS IDS " protocol for take data from ?
Do you want change your App to Jeedom ?
“SunSpec® Modbus® exist for Emeter V1 ?
I use for Sunny island and sunny boy, but I don’t work with Emeter


Hi Richard - could you please check the “add inverter” option - in my environment the search process goes into a timeout and the form for adding an ip address will not appear. Maybe it would be better to created an option before the search process for adding an inverter manually?

GreAt idea, can you share your flow?

Hello and thank you for this app. Question is, I can buy sunny boy 5.0 or Fronius primo 5.0. And want know, SMA sb5.0 working great with homey? And it’s important to work with inverter or meter? (For flows)

Lots of Sunny Boy inverters are supported, I would need the exact model name to tell. But if it doesn’t work out of the box it is something that is easily solved. So wouldn’t worry about support for Sunny Boy, assume it is there.

Hi @SvenRhein
Will see if I can investigate that somehow. I wonder if something has changed in newer versions of the Homey firmware. Maybe it is time to upgrade the SMA app to require firmware >=5.

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thx @Richard_B - you have messages @slack, too :wink:

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There is a new test version available, version 2.3.0.
This version comes with Homey firmware 5 or later requirement (SDK v3).


I have SB5.0-1AV-41 398 Inversor, and Home Manager 2.
Inversor connected to the Router via Wi-FI ( and I can see how much has been produced)

when Home Manager 2 wired to the router with ( I can add smart meter to the homey and can see all information from home manager2)

But when home manager2 and inversor wired consumption data is frozen (but I still can see information from Sunny portal)

it’s possible to do something to make Home manger 2 connected to the Inversor will give information to the Homey?

somebody? :flushed:

One more question.
Home manager 2 can show me how many watts I spend in this moment,
but how can I know how many kWh I used per one day?
any ideas ,how can I take this information from Home manager?

There seems to be a 2 hour time difference between when the time is reported and what is stored at PVOutput. Seems to happened after the latest app update in august.

Not a big problem though as the numbers per day is still correct.

that’s perfect, but how can I use this information in my flows?
how can I take consumption data ? maybe here way to take this information from pvoutput?

Same here. And yes numbers are correct, but would be good if times were correct too. :slight_smile:

Not sure if it is related to update, but had to restart app a few times due to modbus communication problems. (Data not updated)
Can’t remember having that issue before.

Sorry but no idea. I don’t have the same configuration. I get consumption via my electric company Tibber and their power monitor Pulse.

thanks for answer