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Dear all,

I’ve been reading to (most of) this topic but haven’t found an answer so here is my question.

I am using a Tuya TC-500 wifi plug-in thermostat to switch on and off the pump of my floor heating based on wether there is supply of hot CV water. Works fine with the Smarthome app but I would like to control it with Homey. Basically I only want to turn it on and off depending on room temperature from another device.

I have installed the Tuya wifi app but I don’t see my thermostat, not even the “scenes” on/off that I have created. Is this device not supported? Or am I doing something wrong?


Don’t you see the tap-to-run scenes? Those scenes are the ones you can use.
But I’m afraid you can only control tuya devices with that.

No, unfortunately not. That list is completely empty when I open it in Homey.

Created any?
Do other Tuya wifi devices work from Homey? (to eliminate account issues).

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for the links. This was clear to me. I had created the two “Tab-to-run” tasks to turn the switch on and off and they appear in the home screen of Smart life.

So folowing the steps in #296 I can add the device but when I want to select a scene in Tuya the list is empty. I tried both 31 and 528 country codes.

Would it make sense to try the Tuya Cloud app instead?

Hi Paul, you’re welcome.

It still seems an account issue, if you don’t get to see any created tap-to-run scene.

You say you added any other tuya wifi (light/smartplug/curtain) device to Homey via Tuya Cloud app?
Can you switch it on/off?

Did you select Business (same as smartphone app) the Smartlife app, or Tuya?

Please migrate the phone app to the Tuya Smart app for best results.

This topic is about the Homey Tuya Cloud app… not sure what you mean.

Sorry, everything is called app, both on phone and on Homey.

Would it make sense to try to Install the Tuya app instead of the Smart Life app on my phone and use those credentials in the Tuya Cloud app on Homey?

Yes it’s confusing, so let’s be clear and mention phone or Homey talking about Tuya apps.

Yes, that’s what I really recommend (see steps in #296).
You’ll have to register a new Tuya account (email/password type) and logon to the phone Tuya app with that. Don’t use Google/Facebook logon methods

Then you should be able to logon to Homey Tuya Cloud app with those new Tuya account credentials.
To be sure, wait for 10 minutes (to eliminate possible sync limitations of Tuya company’s API)


Thanks a lot, that worked.

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Yesterday I installed a LED strip and connected it to the Tuya app.
Installed the Tuya app and needed to add some keys that I didn’t have
Installed Tuya cloud app and using that I can add the lights strip, but can only select white balance, no colors.

Am I doing something wrong?

I also did try the Tuya app and retrieve the settings there. Although I am doing everything correct, it doesn’t see it as available.

I really recommend you to use this ‘trick’

On the HA community forum the rumour is that the old API will be switched off by the end of the year.

This is sooner then I expected.