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Aqara wireless double wall switch

Hi all!

I just received my first Aqara wireless double wall switch, but I do not know how to use both switches.
In a flow I can not select wich button I want to use so both buttons will trigger my flow now.
I Made Some pictures, hope somebody can tell me how to use the buttons. I already tried to seperate the two buttons by using Logic but than both buttons doesnt do anything anymore (see last picture).

You need to use “een scene is geactiveerd” and select what scene in the “when” from a flow.

Can you explain where I can find the “Een scène is geactiveerd”? I can not find it.

This is a choice after you have chosen the device in the first column of a flow.

Thank you very much! That did the truc! Now I can finale use this perfect double switch!

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