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Aquara sensor inclusion issue


I have 4 aqara sensors.
2 of them was very easy to include in homey box but 2 other doesn’t want include!
Somebody have the same issue? A solution?

Did you read this ?? Make the most of your zigbee network


Yes my wifi is on channel 6 and the zigbee on channel 11.

So it’s in the overlap and possibly disturbing zigbee. So set WiFi as described to another channel :pray:


Done same issue.

Just hold the connect button for 5 seconds until the led blinks, after that I keep it alive by pressing it shortly every couple of seconds. Just try and try and try again. Eventually it will add the sensor. Works for me. A bit of a hassle, but you only have to do it once. Once it’s connected it works flawlessly.

And while pairing keep the sensor max 10 cm from homey :pray: