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Aquara Vibration sensor not updating correctly

Since release 6.0.0 of Homey, the Aquara Vibration sensor does not update status for Tilt angle, Relative tilt angle, Vibration alarm and drop alarm. Communication is in place and works, as Vibration alarm and tilt alarm are being reported.

This limited functionality makes the device useless for me, unfortunately.

Please fix!

Please write to Athom: support@athom.com
In the meantime try this please:
Fixing disconnected Zigbee devices (without having to modify all flows)

Sometimes Interviewing the device can help “unveil” some functions (again).
Goto Homey Developer Tools
While starting and during Interview proces, make sure the sensor is ‘awake’ by pushing the pair button every other second or so.

I have here a Aqara vibration sensor and not used it for 3 month. (17 march 2021). Updated Homey some time ago to version 6.0 and for a couple of days ago to 7.0.
I picked up the sensor yesterday and al the alarms worked as normal. Tilt angle, Relative tilt angle, Vibration alarm and drop alarm.
This is with the app version 1.2.6

As mentioned in the Aqara & Xiaomi Zigbee thread many people have problems with battery powered sensors. They work for some days and then they fail. The only solution seems to be to re-pair them. But after some days they fail again.

My suggestion is also to contact Athom.