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Athom’s Hue app with Gledopto

Hi Guys,

Since Gledopto app is quite limited regarding the supported models, I had to pull devices in through Hue hub.

There is a weird bug I experience with white shades.

It tells more if I show a video about it:

https://youtu.be/XBHsfmMiI6M (put it on full screen but not in landscape mode)

If something is hue comatible, why not compatible the same way as original hue products with Homey?

I don’t have this issues

Also connected on the hue hub

It’s strange… which Gledopto units you have?

I have these, and experience the issue with all:

Have an gledopto rgbw controller and 4 gu5 spots works great

How do you have the wiring in the gledopto

I have v+ black then green red blue white

If you put them in the right connection then you get other collies
Try that

Should be fine everything with wiring, since if I change color in hue app, everything’s all right. But then, if I change dim level in Homey app, it jumps back to the last color I set in Homey. Then in Homey I set a white shade, after 5-10 seconds light jumps back to last color. If I do the same in hue app, everything happens as it supposed to be.

I checked it with an Aduro color bulb. It’s more buggy… I can set only one color, then it becomes inresponsive. I need to go back to hue, change something, then in Homey I can set a color again…

Other thing, if I automate a hue scene, everything is all right with both… Gledopto, Aduro