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Athom's Decision for Mobile First and removing of the Desktop Interface/WEB UI in Homey v2.0.0


Unless you’re a developer trying to test your app? In which case moving back and forth between mobile and desktop is a regression in terms of developer friendliness (and Homey already wasn’t a great platform to develop for, having to upload your app for each little change).


All true especially re upload every change and debugging being a pain before.

But in regards to flows though I was never able to drag and drop tags correctly with in the desktop and when I added ore then 6 items the draggable library lost the plot. Also in v1.5 once a week my flows would all delete themselves. So I personally don’t experience the nostalgia for the desktop flows as other do.

Once again, I haven’t actually re-made my flows (And I have to redo them all) so I might have a different opinion once I tackle that.

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The main issues I have had with creating flows in the mobile app is the loss of overview when adding a card and that the card can’t be changed once committed. Both of which were possible in the web app.

I have been redoing many flows lately while trying different approaches to tasks, often to work around things that have been broken in V2.
I find that by the time I have found the device I have forgotten what I was doing, like is this the Off or On flow I’m doing. So I pick one and hope for the best. Most times I get it wrong but then there is no way to select the card and go back one step so I have to delete it and go through the process again, hoping I don’t forget again :grinning:
So now I have resorted to pen and paper to keep track. Is that progress :thinking:
Maybe the answer is for me to get a memory upgrade :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Being able to edit flows in the app is great for a bit of tweaking on the go but is hard work for any major rework.


Because we’re running a very modest setup of devices at our home, I haven’t ran into problems creating flows on my phone.
But the one huge thing Im missing, is the lack of customization within the mobile app.
There are so many different kind of Homey users, all with their own ways of using it.
But how come we’re all being pigeonholed into using the exact same UI, with no ways of changing the lay-out or using custom icons etc.?
I don’t want a timeline taking up half the space of my screen, neither do I want to scroll horizontally through my favorite devices.
Why don’t the favorite devices cards show usefull info without having to longpress them first?
Why do the users don’t have a small icon/text showing their status? Etc. Etc.
Mobile first is fine with me, but please allow for some customisation…


Another disappointed user. I only used the web interface so far and don’'t like the app version.
Why did you remove the web interface? Big fanfares about great new firmware and app, but you just limit us.
The app does not seem to have the ‘system info’ anymore as was possible in the web interface.
Why do I have to long press on for example a temperature sensor before is shows data?
Where are the ‘inzichten’?

How do I go back to the 1.5 firmware?
If not possible I guess I have to leave the homey space until normal linux desktop or webinterface is back.

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systeminfo is in the app and on
and insights

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The reasons you could read in there blogs…

What system info are you missing? Almost everything is still there.

And insights are available at https://insights.athom.com


I don’t wanna discuss about “it would’ve been better if” - questions. Athom is a very small bunch of people and no market proven hardcore strategic driven company. Therefore it’s better if they just go one step by step and I wanna be patient with them, too.
V2 is a step into the right directions, even though the UI is not really at the latest findings in terms of User Experience and convenience… however …

Though, I wanna ask (if there’s not gonna be a dashboard) - when will there a be web interface?

It is pretty nice to have an App - which was highly highly overdue if you had the pleasure to get tortured by using the old one - but: Frickling on a smartphone all the way with all the sensors and actors and flows for an initial setup to secure a house plus more?!
You must be kidding or on drugs - or both, as this can’t be the solution. (Joking)

Add flows to the dev app website, make it (finally) pls responsive (really responsive!) and we’re all fine.

At least you will then give us the software we do not just require but deserve for that amount of money. That’s my 2 pence.


weejewels world …or nothing … or just maybe there’s something else

I am not a great believer in the need for a dashboard UI for automation control (beyond information provision like weather , news , diary, alerts etc) . Automation should just assist behind the scenes and not be heard, seen, or need intervention

However I do believe that people’s needs are different and they should have options, not have a usage enforced upon them.

I personally think the mobile phone is one of the worst developments we have adopted (along with violent computer games) , making people introverted, rude, dis-functional, aggressive and socially inept. Mobiles are necessary in business and have great benefits socially but not as they been adopted currently.

P.S. Yes I’m over 50




I think I am going to regret posting here, but I am just curious, if Athom only had the resources to create ONE app. What would you prefer it be on? Mobile, Windows, Linux, Mac?

That means the choice is between being able to change flows on the desktop but never being able to use your mobile to turn a device on/off etc. Or having to slide up/down flows but you can now control your house from anywhere in the world at any time.

I also just want to take this opportunity to remind people that this is a community forum, I guessing perhaps some people find the complaining therapeutic but its not been over 18 months since this was announced, and this thread is coming into its third month…


A web app


See that is exactly the problem with this thread - that wasn’t one of the options.


… and the real problem was it wasn’t one of the options :thinking:


Well that’s highly hypothetical… and as it is, it doesn’t matter at all. … and furthermore -
If we stay hypothetical- then a simple WebApp would’ve been of course very much more at cutting edge of technology and the way of choice. That’s how companies face the multiple OS challenge…
At least last year when I was working with UIs it was the case… Of course - as the webapp is just fantasy right now - It doesn’t matter as well.


Mario, So you are inferring that a company which used webAPP technology arbitrarily decided to drop support for it, rewrite their entire core and then spend over 12 months changing their technology - because they no longer wanted to use the ‘cutting edge’ technology and preferred to use an inferior technology?

Or perhaps web technologies are inherently restrictive in what they can do …

Edit : This will be my last post here.

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Well, there you have it again.

I think you are number four or five to put all people that are honest to say that they miss it and don’t understand the choice in a corner as “azijnzeikers”, whiners or therapeutic complainers. And that in a thread that is exactly meant to do it here and nowhere else.

I could say in my turn that all people that are fine by managing an expensive device that has major possibilities only via a small mobile screen are myopic and opportunists, but what’s the point in that?

And indeed, this IS a COMMUNITY forum. Not a forum for only people that MUST have the same opinion. Everybody is entitled to have his/her own opinion. If that is not possible anymore in a community then the community doesn’t have a right to exist.


that is exactly the same shit im dealing with haha.
im also using my pen and paper to remember.
especialiy when adding a new device in a existing flow.

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Little tip, just to get rid of the pen and paper: [HOW TO] View your Homey v2 flows in a browser

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Just a bandaid solution though

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