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Aus Version Yale YRD426 showing as YDR446

Hi all,

To start I would like to say I am a complete novice as I only got my Homey 2 days ago :grimacing: so please bare with me if I’m in the wrong area or if I need to provide more information.

So my first device I’m trying to integrate with my Aus version Homey is my Aus Yale YRD426 Keyed lock with the Aus Z-wave module.

I have been able to successfully add the lock under devices but I have the following issues:

  • the lock is being shown as a YDR446 keyless lock
  • although I can unlock and lock the Yale via homey, when I complete those actions using the keypad or key on the lock itself the status doesn’t change in Homey
  • I can’t see anywhere to add users and PIN numbers etc, and for that matter any lock settings that I would assume should be configurable, auto relocation etc

I’m assuming at this point it may be something to do with that my lock is a Aus version and the device ids may be different to that of which are in the Yale app that Homey provided me to download.

As I said I’m new to this so please go easy if I’ve completely missed something

Thanks for your help guys


Maybe @Jamie can help you, he’s also from “down under” .