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Beacon - An app for presence detection using BLE beacons

I use the same settings as you!

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Hi @Koktail,

Unfortunately, your app is behaving strange.
I am using Homey model (Early 2016) with V2.1.2, IOS app version As soon as I enable your app, I experience slow working Homey and eventually some aps like the HUE app does not function anymore. I was able to register a new Tile Pro but due to performance issues I can’t use it now.

Is there any information you need to address this issue?

Maybe also let know wich hue app :wink:

Looks like you have memory issues. What are the settings of the beacon app? You could try to increase the delaytime because that can causes some issues.

nl.philips.hue https://apps.athom.com/app/nl.philips.hue

I used the default settings.
I changed it now to 20/10/1/5. Lets see how that works.

Hello @DrakCinema, I have the same experience with the beacon app. After installing the app en adding a tile pro, Homey is very unresponsive and the Homey app is constantly loosing connection with Homey. After removing beacon everything works normal. But after reinstalling beacon the problems came back. Especially Philips hue struggles when this app is installed (btw i’am using the first homey (2016) edition)

I’ve had the same experience and a known issue with other apps that has a short interval. (Polling the hue bridge, or polling beacons). The main problem looks low on memory issues.

Can you send a screenshot with you insights of Homey memory and CPU?

It Seems more stable now. Hue app keeps working but I experience some delay. Example. If I ask Alexa to turn off the lights it takes longer for homey to response.

Homey was using 170mb now it is less with version 2.2.0 rc3.

I am experiencing the same issue. If I go to my devices tab, many are not responsive. Specially the HUE’s.

I did not had yet had time to investigate.

I don’t use the devices tab often. But it’s slow as hell

While I would not rely on presence detection to control important things like the surveillance system, it would be nice to get a notification if, for example, we leave the house without closing a window or switching off all the lights. Rock solid presence detection would open up a large area of automation possibilities.
Homey’s built-in presence detection is pretty much useless, so I tried IFTTT which is solid on my iphone XS but not so much on the wifes iphone 6. AFAIK limitations imposed by smartphone manufacturers make a smartphone-app-based approach to presence detection prone to problems, so tracking another device (BLE tags, a routers ARP table) seems to be the way to go.
So I bought a set of Tile Pro tags. The Beacon app picks up mine about half the time, the wifes -once again- not so much. Now I’m at a loss about what to try next…

TL;DR Can’t get it to work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Been struggling too. Tried various routes, the Netgear App was close to the solution. Now we use the Beacon solution and I am happy!

The range with my cheap Chinese beacons is limited (5 meters), but overall the best solution so far.

TL;DR Yeah!

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I’m happy for you, Ernst :wink:

Can you disclose where you sourced your beacons?

What version of Homey do you use?

Homey BLE is less stable since 2.0.0.

Since 2.1.2 Homey core uses a cache meganism to limit the BLE discovery resources. The app filters BLE missmatches by verifying the state multiple times. Because of the cachelayer this fails every time.

I bought these:


Homey Firmware is v2.2.0

i can’t seem to pair mine for some reason. I’m using Homey 2.2.0 and Beacon 1.2.9

My beacon also consists of the NRF51822.

It’s unable to find the device and times out after 30seconds, anything specific you did to pair? Did you press/hold the button of the beacon?

No, I did nothing special and just followed the instructions. Perhaps a dead battery? Or a DOA?
I use App version 1.2.9 and Homey f/w 2.2.0 too

Perhaps a PTP!

Thanks for your response, it work on homey <2.0, I renewed the battery and I did a PTP but no luck
I’ll just order yours and see what happens :slight_smile:

Since a few days my beacons are always precent anyone else have this problem?

I already treid restarting the app and restarting homey but no luck

As far as i know nothing changed except that homey updated to 2.2.0

Edit: as if athom knew… Homey updated to 2.3.0rc2 and know it works again :joy:

I decided to give it a few more days when my Homey updated to 2.2.0, but reliability remains less than stellar for my wife’s presence while mine is ok. PTP and replacing the battery in her Tile didn’t help. I’m not ready to buy her a new iphone just yet :wink: