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Brel, bi-directioneel

Yes it needs a re-programming of the chipset on Athoms side. Thats why I requested working via the Brel Home Hub instead as a third party device. Maybe in the future it will connect directly to Homey but I guess once this Homey App is done they checked it off their list. But who knows!

Athom and Brel can’t agree on who needs to change their game to work with eachother. So this is the best they can do.

Any other people problems connecting the brel hub? It worked fine a few weeks till today. I als cant login in the app. And when i try to click forgot password i get a popup saying error (0).

I hate technique sometimes

No problems in the Brel app. But there is a new homey app now in the homey appstore called Brel Home but it gives an error when i install a blind…

Is this app also for shutters? (Rolluiken)
And no you cant add any device with this app

I don’t know. It’s the first time i see this app. But it is not working yet

No, no shutters

I contacted BREL and they are busy with a server update. Should be working the end of the day

Nice! Its finally here?! And not working?.. trying now

It is working now! All 3 of my shutters (rolluiken) are working!

I have top down / bottom up blinds. They are connected, but I can only steer the bottom engine. I expect that this is not yet surported. I would also be nice if you can check the battery status in the app.

do they connect directly to homey or do you need an hub?

You need the hub

Its working here also