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Can we have a real Homey Pro please

Hahaha Henk Wissenburg :wink: :wink:

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Well, should of course been included on release, not a question after v.5!

So, a new model with “real” pro specs! Also, get rid of the cheap chinese plastic, make a solid metal case with external antennas, gives a pro looks and range! Yeah, we know what an athom looks like, my 4-year old son thinks the Homey Pro ball is funny, really pro!

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And how would that get rid of the costs involved? They disappear magically if you include it in a release?

I think the business case will never last. How much do you want to invest for a few extra buyers (that will never be satisfied and will always demand more without paying for it or else threaten to switch to another solution on every occasion)?

You would be suprised! How unusual is it to upgrade products? Upgraded products creates new markets and buyers! Come on, who is ignorant? Still driving around in a Honda Accord?

Upgrading is certainly not unusual, but is something different then a redesign with other ports, other hardware etc. As you might have read somewhere, Athom is not a very big company…

And nope. I drive a 1995 Coupé Fiat, is that close enough?

Homey is end consumer product aiming for mass adoption. Hw, sw/ui is build a way, that non tech people can manage it and be able to build quite a serious home automation. And yes, it looks different than rest of the hubs.
Specs required here would be not needed, if inside hw components worked like it suppised to. Wifi drops/disconnections, weak internal antenas, unusable IR is something that we pay for no reason.
Currently playing with Hubitat C7 for less than 1/3 of the price of Homey. Lan port, very small factor, zwave7 chip and fully local operation. But UI and way how to work with devices and rules is way more tech oriented and requires some learning curve. So far Im very happy with C7, but I do like Homey model and believe its for new home automation users more suitable.

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Why would you want an energy consuming hexacore multiprocessor with 64GB RAM memory that needs fan cooling to just do “if it’s 7:00 THEN start coffee machine”?