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Cannot add blink camera

Dear All!

I got a new Blink Outdoor Camera yesterday. It works fine with it‘s own app so I tried to add it to Homey as the next step.
I loaded the Blink app into Homey and started to add the camera but failed miserably.

First of all there is no Outdoor camera listed so I picked the Indoor Camera since they should be equal exept the weather resistance, right?
Then (no matter which model I pick) it starts to look for my camera but stops with the error message „cannot read property ‚name‘ of undefined“.
What went wrong?

Same problem for a Blink mini…
Changed the name of the camera, of my home,…
Doesn´t work.

Was this issue solved? I have the same as well.
Last year this worked, but had some issues and reinstalled the app.
Now I am not able to add any of my cameras.

It worked for a while, but now I tried to add a new camera: same issue.
Login and pincode are ok and accepted, but when I try to add the new camera: „cannot read property ‚name‘ of undefined“.
No ideas?

Same for me, I would love some suggestion to make it works.

Hi, please take a look at this thread.

I’m supporting the developer and implemented some changes that hopefully will fix the errors.

The changes are waiting for @ObelixNL to be merged and published as new test version. Thanks to ObelixNL!

Uploaded the new test version!