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Cannot connect with Ztatz P1 monitor

I have installed the P1 monitor Versionn 9.6 on the raspberry pi. This works correct.
I can connect with the App or by browser.
On Homey I have downloaded Ztatz P1 monitor (Verbruik) but as I fill out the Ip address in can not connect. It returns the message [error.invalid_data].
Anybody has any idea what to do?

you must put http:// before your IP address

Hi Ruud,

Of course, that result with the same response. Also https:// doesn’t work.

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Op 1 dec. 2019, om 21:29, Ruud Cornelisse via Homey Community Forum athom@discoursemail.com schreef:

I have the same problem.
Is there a way to assist with debugging the issue?

Please open the API in ZTATZ in the admin panel. Please review the url’s it displays.
What I’m expecting is links that look like****** (depending on your IP)
If there is a folder between the IP and the API folder you should also enter that within the app’s config.

What version are you running currently of ztatz. Please make sure you update it if it is an older version

Hi @Stefan_Lenders,

What do I put in the url? Hope you can help out this noob


Hi @TomvD

As url insert
That should do it

Thx! It works. Only not showing the amount used per fase. But for now great!

I haven’t installed the latest update yet and checked what is new