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Cheap fibaro/anything else bundles/deals?


Hi all,

There was a link on here a couple of days ago where you could buy a fibaro walloutlet and motion sensor for 75 eur.
This was a pretty nice deal, but sadly I was too late to buy one of these sets.

Do you guys know any deals like these? I wanna stock up on domotica devices and since are looking for deals, we might as well share them!


Sounded familiar to me.


couple of days or 3 years ago :thinking:

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I think you are missing the point. This topic is about sharing deals that you might have encountered online or offline, so other people can enjoy too.


I think this is a good idea


The idea of such a topic for sharing great deals is a goid suggestion, as there was something like that on the old forum also.

So maybe a moderator kan look at the idea.

But nobody was missing your point, just because you didnt mention it. But again the idea for such topic is good