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Cheap zigbee devices to enlarge network



What do you use to enlarge your Zigbee network on Homey? I’m adding my HUE lights back to the bridge because this works better, but I need to have a zigbee network available on the first and second floor (for Xiaomi switches).

The device which is coming up in my mind is the INNR smart plug, but are there more devices which are cheap(er) and maybe usefull?


I’m using Innr SP-120. Also with power meter.


Wall plug

Repeater and usb charger


@Sjalabert I have one of those to.

@Kyrcio Do these already work with Homey?


Wallplugs work fine and extend the network


And the repeater has not arrived yet (at least not where I live), but they shouldn’t need driver support to just extend the network (aside from a prettier icon I suppose).