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Connect Panasonic Comfort Cloud app to Homey (AIRCO control)

Same problem since homey update

@lumin dont need the source anymore. i created a virtual device, http request flow card, better logic to track inside temperature, and a PHP script to control the AC, works fine. saw on another implemetation on github that had the same problem with app version error. not sure what underlying lib causes this because all the API requests still works. i use these headers:
User-Agent: G-RAC

I have got the same problem.

Same issue since update to 7.1.0

Same here. I hope the problem will be solved soon. It is really hot nowadays in Sweden … :wink:

You mean you can control your AC?

Yes but I use a virtual device instead that sends the mode and temperature to a PHP backend where I communicate with Comfort Cloud. This request both a PHP backend and some config so would suggest waiting for update to the Homey app.

Hi @lumin Thanks for the app! Would you be so kind to let us know of or when there will be a fix for the current problems?

Side note … panasonic was pretty busy last year to improve the app comfort cloud. But it’s working great now and I don’t think there will be a lot of changes in the near future. So solving the app for homey is very much appriciated

Homey just installed 1.2.3. The first device works again. The others have an exclamation mark.

Same here! Thanks for the update. One is working again. Other two with exclamation mark.

Same for me. I hope there will be soon een solution for this issue with more then one unit.