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Control Auto setting of Somfy systems


I threw out my (not so) old Telldus solution for the ability to control my Somfy blinds which works…apart from the fact that I cannot access the Sun/wind sensor nor control the Auto state.

Has anyone been able to control their Somfy systems with a sun sensor?
Especially controlling the auto state.


Are you using the Somfy Sun sensor?

I use the Tahoma bridge and the Homey Tahoma app which gets the light data from the Sunis iO sensor to control all my curtains and blinds.

If you are using the Homey Somfy RTS app then you will need a non-RTS / iO sensor as Homey can only send RTS commands, so can’t read those sensors. In which case you could use a light sensor connected via z-wave / Zigbee or WiFi.
All these solutions would require one or more flows to do the automation.

Edit: I’ve not come across the Auto state so can’t help at all there.


I don’t get any reading from my Somfy io light sensor.
How did you manage to get a reading?
In the Tahoma app it does work but there I don’t need it…

Strange, I have Sunsensor io in Tahoma and it loaded it without issue. Somfy app reads the values without issue. Try restart app in the settings or delete and add sensor again.

That i already tried but still nothing.
In my tahoma box i have complete readings but Homey does add but can’t read the amount of lux.

It works OK for me. I’m using homey version 2 in English so not sure if any of that is different for you?

Have u tried to reconnect it to Tahoma not only Homey?

I tried, yes.
Reinstall on Homey.
Reinstall app and after reinstall device on Homey.
Reinstall on Homey after deinstallation on Tahoma box.
And reinstall on Homey after reinstall on Tahoma box.
After every reinstall a restart of Homey, but no success.
On the Tahoma box it works, not on my Homey.

I’ve the sake problem. No luminance data in Homey app but appears correctly in the Somfy connexoon app…

Same problem here no reading from Sunis IO sensor.

And ofcourse, you all have reported it as a Bug right!!!

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I did.

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