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Date and Time - Before Sunset

I’d like to crete a flow that says something like
When - “45 minutes before sunset”
Action - “Turn on that light”.
Is this possible?

This should work, methinks…

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And also with the build in time cards:

Thank you Bjorn_Andersson
I don’t have that option in the When’s though.
Do I need to add a feature or something like that?

Thank you Rocodamelshe.
Is that to be read as, when it is 45 minutes to sunset?
I thought it meant, when the sun sets, wait 45 minutes?

It’s an app called “Sun Events” that you download as any other app. It has more states, like “golden hour” etc.

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Ahhhh, ok, thank you. Still familiarising with the system.
Thanks, I think it is what i am looking for.

That will be correct. And this card is not from an app u have to download, it’s a standard card already build in .

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Is there an easy way to have that card but after sunset? Using delay in the {then} card is ok if you have one or two actions but if I make a flow with lights that have brightness, color, temp etc. it would be more convenient to have it in the {when} card imo.
I would like to use the built in cards as much as possible.

Split it in two flows, SunSet Trigger - Delay: Trigger a Flow2 …
The other flow can have all objects… makes it imho easier to manage… and no extra App!

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Of course. Did not think of that. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!