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Do Zigbee devices in general get Firmware updates through their branded-HUB?

This is a general question:

Do Zigbee devices in general get Firmware updates through their branded-HUB?

I can understand that my IKEA or Philips devices may not get Firmware updates through my Homey, but what if I had a IKEA-hub or Philips-hub? Would my devices be updated? Or is it the case in general that Zigbee devices do not get Firmware updates and you are “stuck” with what was put into the devices at the factory?

Another way of looking at this is: Will we as Homey users potentially “lose-out” on new Firmwares that get pushed to devices, but only if they are connected to the manufacturers HUB?

Yes. All devices gets their updates by the specific brand hubs.

If a brand allows you to download firmware files (like IKEA does), in theory you should be able to update the firmware without the need for a brand-specific hub (for instance, you can update IKEA devices over-the-air using deCONZ instead of an IKEA hub). However, a lot of brands simply don’t publish the firmware files, so you’re stuck with the brand hub if you want to run updates.

Wow! That is impressive! Have you tried updating the IKEA devices like you mentioned? Does IKEA publish release notes somewhere as well?

Not yet, because my IKEA devices are still connected to an IKEA hub (that I bought because other users were having issues with pairing IKEA devices with Homey directly, and I wanted to prevent that so I used the IKEA Gateway app for Homey instead).

However, I will probably start using deCONZ for all my Zigbee devices soon (when I move house), including the IKEA devices, so I’ll have to find out if it works or not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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