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DreamScreen App

Mèh… had that before that box even existed (using a HDMI splitter, a video capturecard and Philips entertainment room), but that doesn’t get even close to a dreamscreen experience.

This is a DreamScreen app discussion. Not a Philips hue one.

I’ll look into it next time i update it

Thanks @Niels :+1:

Hi @Niels,

Just again for info, I’ve tested again and the funny thing is the switch status works sometimes and sometimes not, do not know what that depends. What definitely does not work is the slider status. Thanks Niels and no stress!

@Niels Hi,

Please, please dont forget to update it. Big Thanks

I haven’t forgotten, actually i’m testing version 1.2.1.
there I fixed a weird crash that somehow happens with some users. (don’t know the cause though)
The brightness slider updates according to the actual state.

:muscle: :+1:

Is it also possible to add color control for ambient mode? Just like a ‘normal’ ledstrip in Homey?

I installed this app on my Homey Pro, I have to Dreamscreens but it doesn’t find any. How do I proceed and add them?