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Fibaro Double Switch 2, how does multi-click (scene activation) work


I’m almost a complete newbie, and maybe i can’t find (or combine) the right info when installing my Fibaro double switch 2 (FGS-223), double pulse switch (B&J 2020 US-205) and two different devices (LED lamps).
This is more a gap in my knowledge then something that doesn’t work. I just don’t get some basic things which are pretty known to most of the people here, so it feels :wink:

Some context, this is what i thought when starting…

  • Get a Fibaro double switch, because i want to turn 2 devices on/of with my homey
  • Get a double pulse switch, because my GF want to switch the old way

Got carried away, so got some ideas…

  • Add sensors to flows to automagicly turn lights on/of
  • Learned about multi-click events with pulse-clickers

So i bought the hardware, removed the old switches, did a speed-course electricity, wiring and diagrams and connected everything to my best knowledge.

It looks like the first part is working. My LED devices can be switched by pulse-switch AND homey :+1:

But when i began working on multiple clicks with the pulse-switch, there are so much stories about events, scenes, switches which are coupled to scenes in stead of 2 devices, and so on!

Am i completely wrong, thinking a Fibaro double switch, combined with a B&J physical double switch should control 2 devices?
And what do the scenes mean, can multi-click only be triggered by one switch (Q1)?
For now multi-clicks don’t seem to work whatsoever.

Is there a simple tutorial, or other information source which can teach me this basic stuff?


scene activation, or as you call it multi click, can be done on both S1 and S2 (not Q1 or Q2, those are the outputs, not the inputs), the card is only on the S1 device cause that is the so called “main controller” device of the double switch, but it does have both cards for S1 and S2.

Then it works very, very easy, 1 click = 1 click flow trigger card, 2 clicks = 2 click flow trigger card, etc.
They will still toggle the corresponding output too, this is unfortunately not changeable, and a limitation of the device itself.

Do make sure you change the setting under advanced settings so the double switch knows that a momentary switch is connected, and not the default toggle switch.