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Fibaro RGBW - Control individual outputs


I have a Fibaro RGBW controller running 2 independent sets of 12V LED lights. The setup is working but the app doesn’t give me a way to control the brightness (or even the on off state) of each channel on its own - I have to go through the colour picker and try and find a colour that gets both sets of lights on reasonably brightly.

Is there a way to control each channel independently from Homey? Through the app or programmatically (is that possible)?

Apologies if I have missed something obvious.



Create a VD and associate via flows the VD with outputs of the RGBW Controller.

When dimm level of VD change
Then Dimm Level VD = dimm level Red

That’s fantastic. Thanks for your help.

I’m not seeing a Virtual Dimmer, but after a bit of searching around, I can use a Virtual Switch as you describe to set a specific brightness for each channel. It’ll take 2 flows per channel but it will absolutely work.

Thanks again.

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Hi, did you manage to creatie working flows? I am running into the same problem…

Yes it did, though as I noted I needed two flows - one to switch on and one to switch off. Its a pretty good workaround to functionality that really ought to be in the Fibarro app for the RGBW device. Hope it works for you too.

But is it without the brightness specific option? Could you share some screen shots of your flows? Would be nice if I get it working too…