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Fibaro RGBW Controller 2

Athom support, they probably won’t Answer

i can install the rgbw controller 2 in de fibaro test version.
but i can’t get the light work.
can someone help?

First of all, thanks for implementing RGBW Controller 2!

I could install RGBW Controller 2 on the Fibaro App test version 2.3.0. But only after third attempt and a Homey reboot in-between.
And although I changed the transition parameters, turning on and off does quite take some time (between 1 and 3 seconds).

Installed rgbw controllers 2 today.
It’s a bit janky, sometimes I get no response at all when changing colors. Wish there was an option for how fast the transitions and power on off are happening.
Option to set white color is missing in flows.

Also I wonder about the animations. There are a few but only in flows. Is it possible to make your own animations? Or maybe there is an app for that?

There are custom animations, but as long as fibaro doesn’t share how the 5 (custom) animations should be programmed (and they won’t, as why would they, it will only pull more people to their own controller) in the device itself it is impossible to figure this out without reverse engineering their home center, which is kinda hard or rather impossible to do.
You could do it with flows, but that is a lot of work, and will send lots of z-wave data completely overrunning your z-wave network/never giving you a nice result.

For the rest of your questions you can only contact Athom support as they are the writer of the app/that driver.
And they never implemented that the same as the rgbw controller v1 where you can control all 4 outputs separately.