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Fibaro Smart Implant FGBS-222 door garage

Hi everybody !

I installed a smart implant on my garage door. The smart implant is fonctionnel the only problem is that I have to press the button in my homey App once to start the opening, then a second time to reset the button to zero and then I’m obliged to repeat the same manipulation to stop or close my garage . I would therefore like to configure my push button in the homey App but it seems impossible in the Fibaro settings. I managed to do this with “virtual device” application by setting up a push button and a flow (turn on then turn off with a delay of one second) but I would like to do it directly on the Fibaro smart implant. In the Fibaro documentation they talk about setting 20 but this setting does not appear in the smart implant setting on homey. ( Could this be because it is reserved for people who have a fibaro box?)

Anyone have an idea?

Indeed, for connection with gate/garage opener you need to change both parameters 20 and 156 (or 21 and 157 depending of what input/output you use)
Using the below values:

It would be a very long list under the Advanced Settings page as such sensor has lots and lots of settings.
Lucky, you can use the raw parameters :grinning:
Under the Advanced settings of your Fibaro Implant and under “Raw Configuration Parameters” write the required data. In your case 20,1,2; 156,2,1
This is for Input1/Output1. Same for Input2/Output2 if you use this combination then just use 21 and 157.
Short explanation, 20 is Parameter, 1 is length (1byte) and 2 is the Value. All this from the Fibaro Manual.

Good luck and hope it helps.

P.S. After writing the above data don’t forget to click on the tick sign, top write corner :heavy_check_mark:

Thanks for your clear response, this will be very very helpful !!! :+1:

I was sure that homey would have thought of everything !

The English speaking community is much more reactive than the French.

PS: Praying for Australia :pray: :earth_asia:

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Cheers for that!