Fibaro Smokesensor


Hi, I bought 5 new smoke detectors from Fibaro. Well, I do not get this linked to my homey. I read on another forum that there was a problem with that. Does anyone know how I get it connected or is it waiting for the next software update? gr


@Pacogssl Are you holding them (very) close to Homey whilst trying to add?


And did u check for open GitHub issues?


yes I keep the smoke alarm close to the homey, he also adds it but sees it as an unknown device.


Sorry but github does not tell me anything. Could you explain to me what I can find here or what is the intention?


Well a quote from @MatthewWaanders:

“ Hi guys!

This is indeed a problem with the ProductID, when the SDK2 version is fully merged together I’ll do a run over all Fibaro app issues like this one to add the missing productIDs, so they should all work when that update comes out.

Until then, changes in our SDK will not allow me to live update the Fibaro app, so I’ll have to ask you guys to be patient for just a little longer!“


Thank you for your response, I know enough. just wait and see.