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Fibaro thermostatic valve no temp reporting


Just installed a Fibaro thermostatic valve (FGT-001 EU v4.3) and coupled successfully to Homey V2.0
See attached screenshot. The reported temperature is always 0,0°.
This while it’s really warm :sunglasses: Any idea how to get the measured temperature to display ?
There is no external temperature sensor.
Best regards,
Pascal Gysels

Fibaro thermostaatkraan gerapporteerde temperatuur 0,0

Mine is not responding to temperature changes, also no temp

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Did you report this on https://support.athom.com/hc/nl/requests/new ?


Yep, they were going to ask it to the Fibaro specialist.


No, returned them an NOS i have netatmo wich are working like charm


If you have multiple then its not working because Athom still didnt fix the flirs zwave bug in the core . Reports just fint get in and the valve doesnt work correct


Just updated the Homey app on my iPhone. Now version 2,1,0.
Now it’s all messed up. When tapping the Thermostatic valve icon you get a white screen and there is nothing you can do anymore. The only way to adjust the valve now is making a flow.Congrats to Athom. Do they check their updates before release ???
Reported to Athom and requested immediate fix.


Same here. Beside this new error (the white empty screen) the problem with sensors not reporting is over a year old and still not solved. I’ve given up on Athom’s Fibaro app all together.

Anyone interested in buying 6 used FGT-001 Thermostatic valves with FGBRS-001 temerature sensors?