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From Zipato to Homey?


I’m considering to change my system from Zipato to Homey.

I would like to ask if you have knowledge of this kind situation to help me out.

What are the pros and cons of both systems?

How does zipato rules compare to homey’s alternative?

My Zipato system includes z-wave lights and sensors (zipato, everspring, aeotec and fibaro), zigbee lights and sensors (ikea, osram), 433mhz Nexa devices (sensors, wall plugs, remotes, wall switches), Oregon 433mhz sensors. Zipato ir extender. Zipato Ip camera.

Will my devices work with homey?

Are there virtual devices like Zipato has?

I’m also using Google home and amazon Alexa and sonos. How well can these work with homey?

Can pushover service be used with homey?

At the moment system is mainly used to control lights an surveillance/security.

I’m planning to control heating (floor and radiator) and cooling in the future as well.

I hope to have more wife/family friendly solution.

I’ll appreciate all input you can give me.

Thanks in advance!

Regards Karpazu

I moved from Zipato few days ago. No problems you can do even more with Homey of course. Just missing the Zipato rules a bit because you can have more complex flows in just one rule. Bypassed with multiple flows in homey. Zwave range is ok I had no problems.

More complex logic could be configured by using homeyscript.