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Gardena Smart System


Gardena Smart System

Is there any plan to integrate Gardena Smart System with homey to get flows and functions to work together?


Johan H


Hi there Johan.
The Gardena API is not supported by Husqvarna but there is several integrations with other systems already so it is doable. (I have a working testapp but it is far far from ready…)

You can always post a request for the app to Athom here: http://go.athom.com/request-homey-feature

// Johan


Not exact what you asked for, but with ifttt you can integrate a little bit eith homey


Thanks Johan for your answer.

I used you link and suggest to add Gardena and Husqvara as apps for Homey.


Johan H


I asking to use Homey to controll when my watering and grass should be cut.

Example -If lawn mower is stuck my lighting could give me an warning and turn on red light so I got an hint.

There is many user cases that could solve my and others daily life if Homey supporting Gardena and Husqvarna (make app available) :slight_smile: