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Gardena what is needed?


I just got an email from athom that said that gardena is now supported. Which sounds awesome! But it fails to mention what controller is needed? Do I need both the gateway and irrigation controller?


https://apps.athom.com/app/com.gardena here you find what can be connected.

You need the gateway. Other devices that you have in the gardena app will be supported in homey as devices.

The gateway is not mentioned in the AppStore, so don’t think it is needed for connection of the mentioned devices to Homey. ( I’m not a user and probably wrong, seeing other reactions, my bad)

Running Homey with Gardena > You need the Gateway. No Gateway > No connection.


Thanks for your help! Too bad the gateway is so expensive :slight_smile:

Indeed expensive. But it works very well. Within a few weeks it will be posible to water my garden through 6 zones. At this moment I only have i sensor for all these zones. I hope to find a cheaper moisture sensor for the other 5 zones. Because 5 sensors x € 135,- is a little bit to expensive. With the integration in homey this will give more possibilities.

Indeed does not work without the gateway. Tried and tested it. The images of the products give the impression that it works directly with the Homey. Maybe small note that it does not and really needs the gateway.

I thought homey was My bridge for everything.
One bridge and control for all, that is the mening of homey. So i need an gateway/bridge thats stupid.