Generic RF-remote


I am looking to ‘pair’ a generic fixed-code rf-remote (cheap 433MHz device with 4 buttons) to Homey, but can’t seem to get it working.
I’ve tried to install several apps that support rf devices (like klik-aan-klik-uit etc.), but none of these do recognize my remote.
When I go to and record the received signals, I can see that Homey can receive the signals.
What I want to achieve is to simply add the remote as a switch-device or something so that I can use it to trigger flows.
Does anyone know how to get this working ?


Hi everyone, not sure if I’m in the right forum in regard to my issue. I have a Becker motor on my blinds connected to a Becker remote that has Bluetooth to link it,to the igloo+ app. This app has been discontinued since yesterday and is not working anymore. Is.there an alternative app that I can use ? Thanks


As far as I know, Homey apps can’t be used as a “generic” RF code receiver: you need to tell it the specifics of the code (timings, frame lengths, etc), and only then can you build an app around it.

Generic RF remotes typically the same chip (EV1527), however, their timing can vary widely, which poses a problem (because, again, Homey needs to know the timing up front).

A relatively quick and cheap solution would be to use a dedicated RF transceiver device, like the Sonoff RF Bridge, which can handle these different timings correctly. However, to get this working with Homey properly you need to flash a new firmware to the device, which requires some soldering and a USB-to-UART device (cheap, few € at most). Alternatively, there’s the Broadlink RM Pro+ device, which I believe can do the same.

At some point I want to try and create a generic EV1527 app (create a signal definition for each possible timing combination), but I already have a long TODO list :slight_smile:


Hi Robert,
funny you mention the sonoff rf-bridge with custom firmware, that is exactly what I was using before (Domoticz with several sonoff devices running tasmota or espeasy firmware). I bought a Homey because that was said to be compatible with all, but for some the compatibility still is a lot of work :frowning: The Hardware is there, but writing an app yoursellf before your sensors are usable is a big hurdle to take, I might give it a try someday but for now I don’t feel comfortable with that.
Dusting of my sonoff rf-bridge might be an option though, I think that simply translates the rf-code into an mqtt message. I hope I can somehow configure Homey as an mqtt broker and then somehow configure Homey to trigger flows on specific mqtt messages. For now I don’t know how to proceed with that, but I’ll google around a bit and might figure it out.
Thanks anyway for your response.


Someone alr thought about that.


The Sonoff app supports the RF Bridge if it’s running the Sonoff-Tasmota firmware, and the MQTT broker app can be used to run an MQTT broker directly on Homey.

That’s a setup I use myself, and it works well.