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Google NEST Protect V2 Interface

Still no news regarding this integration?

Just checked this and still no support. Somebody asked for this as well on StackOverflow (support channel of Google for new Device Access API) but still no reponse after a month.

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StackOverflow isn’t really the right place to ask, though.

Well, they say this on the support page

This is just sad :frowning:

This is what StackOverflow says:

The question being asked isn’t a specific programming or implementation question; if it was, it would have a place on StackOverflow. But it’s a question that can only be answered by someone from Google and should be directed to Google’s support team :frowning:

But how can we do that? Maybe if we send a lot of email, raise tickets, somebody will reply with a date when it will be supported…

Where to?