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Google NEST Protect V2 Interface

Just bought 5 NEST Protect V2 last year, worked great with the Homey Nest App, developed by Athom. Since today I migrated my account to google, because of a warranty issue with one of the NEST Protect, and I am not able to connect anymore. Just looked it up on this forum and Google killed the API. Is there someone who already nailed this problem? Don’t feel a lot to buy new fire detectors. Already many thanks!

Please clarify the solution step by step, maybe other users can be helped out as well.

Well there is stil no app for, so at this point nest devices cant be part of your homey. Maybe something with ifttt, but that i dont know.

Directly on homey is a big and very clear NO

Same issue at IFTTT and Home Assistant.
You are screwed unfortunately. (Me to🤪)

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Home Assistant works with “badnest” integration. Thermostat and smoke detectors work.
MQTT to Homey or just setup alerts in home assistant

Thanks Luke, that sounds hopeful! Is there a simple guide how to realize this?

I am a Newbie in the world of Homey, just two days. I have three NEST protect and a NEST thermostat v2. I have not migrated to Google. Can I work them with Homey and how?

Not posible

Thanks Roy, quite disappointing.

Not directly, but maybe reed some posts above yours… something with homeassitant and mqtt

Hi @Dennis_van_Zelm,
If you have a HA instance then add this https://github.com/USA-RedDragon/badnest, if you don’t then you have a bit more work to do.
The addon above is a community addon that can be installed through HACS (plenty of info on this). This will add your smoke detector and thermostat to HA even with a migrated account.
There are many ways to get that back into Homey but the easiest is a virtual thermostat in Homey and just setup an automation in HA that calls homey flows each time its state changes. An example would be… If HA thermo=on call webhook (which runs a homey flow that turns the them on and vise versa).
MQTT also works and is a bit tidier, if you already have it setup then it’s a piece of cake. Add a virtual thermostat, let it get created in HA via Homey MQTT app and use HA automations or scripts to update one when the status of the other changes.

Another option is to get thermostats added to the Alexa app for homey as they work fine in Alexa. Only downside is that the smoke detectors don’t work.

Thanks a lot Luke! I will give it a try soon.

Google has opened up the personal access to their API today so we might be back in bidness soon anyway.