HeatIt scene switch



Hi guys. Is possible to connect Scene switch from HeatIt? https://www.heatit.com/z-wave/heatit-z-scene-controller/


Hi @Matej_Kapusta,

Please see my response in the ThermoFloor / Multireg / Heat-it App topic:

Hope this answers your question.


OK, but my question is for Scene Switch from HeatIt. no thermostat.


So first I will need to re-write the existing app to SDK2 version, before I will be able to extend the support for additional devices. Coarse timeline I have in mind is to finish the SDK2 re-write in September and add support for the remaining devices (Z-therm / Z-scene controller) in October (before the winter starts)…

The Z-scene controller is no thermostat indeed, but there is a dependency I need to take into account before adding support for the Z-scene controller into my ThermoFloor / Heat-it app.

I’m always welcoming anyone who would like to contribute to these apps by writing the device drivers / manifest or providing the required art work.


okay. thats sounds great. ill be waiting for an update :slight_smile: