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HeatIT z-relay app/driver?


Is there a app for this HeatIT z-relay ?


There is the ThermoFloor / Heatit app.

I’m planning on adding support for the Z-relay and the Z-DIN-616 to the BETA release of this app in the next 2 weeks.


If you need a beta tester let me know :wink:


Hello Sir

What is the status for this implementation?


Ps! Happy to assist as a beta tester if you need !

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Thanks for the offer.

In collaboration with Athom, we found this evening actualiteit a way to start reporting the missing temperature data for the Heatit devices…

I still need to test it myself. If this is working, I will finalize the remaining Heatit devices; including the Relay.


Great, please let me know If i Can hjelp i any way ?



Hello TED

Is there a app update coming ?


Hello TED

Is there any new status about the Z-relay ?