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Heiman Temperature & Humidity Sensor


I have been looking for a good sensor for measuring humidity in my bathroom, so that I can start the central ventilation (BUVA) in my house during/after a shower and let it stop once the humidity is back to normal level. Initially I looked at Xiaomi sensors working with ZigBee. While they work fine and are very reponsive, I experienced connectivity issues in my house for our second bathroom at second floor. I tried extending the ZigBee range with an Ikea lightbulb - and it did help, but still the connection is not reliable enough to keep that set up - it stops about once a week and needs a reset of some kind.

So, now I am looking at a zwave solution, as this is very reliable across my house. Seeing the Heiman app developed by TedTolboom, I ordered two of them from Ali to test out as an alternative.
After install and inclusion they work fine with sending updates through for temparature, however not for humidity measures. At some points in time I see updates coming through for the temperature, however the humidity is not updated for several hours and sometimes not at all (just running it for 2 days now). The behaviour is not really predictable also, because I see humidity increase updates more frequent, and than the decreas in humidity is not received. The behaviour is the same for both devices, so I am not expecting hardware failure here.

@TedTolboom The app seems to be working okay with install (thanks btw for putting in the effort), however I hope you can have a look at way updates for the humidity measures are processed and if/when they are transmitted.
For now I have the ZigBee from Xiaomi next to the Zwave from Heiman and with this I also noted a significant slower change rate (updates arrive >5 minutes later for Heiman).

Much appreciated !


I am using Aeotec 6 in 1 sensors and they work really great


So the issue might be more related to the quality of the device and less with app?

I started thinking about it as a cheap project. 8 euro for the Xiaomi sensor and a switch for the fan. That was just for fun, now I went to little under 30 euro for a Heiman sensor, and potentially going towards 50+ Euro per sensor if this does not work either…

The reviews on robbshop are also pretty inconsistent for the Aeotech. I found Philio 2 in 1 Temperature / Humidity Sensor as another alternative. Anyone having good or bad experiences or alternative solutions?


@Oskar_Brink I would not draw that conclusion this fast…
that other sensors are (also) working great doesn’t mean that your device is of bad quality.

I didn’t add the temperature & humidity sensor myself, but will check / try to reproduce the issue tomorrow evening; ok? It can be a report parser not working ok.


That would be great. Thank you