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Uploaded some minor changes to the the Alpha-V2 branche on Github. These files are also uploaded to the Beta branche.

All changes from now on will be pushed to the Beta branche, the Alpha-V2 branche will not be updated, and I expect to publish this version to the App Store.
I will not publish this version on Tuesday when Athom releases firmware 2.0 but wait some days to make sure no unforeseen problems with versioning in the App Store arise.

For now this will mean that the stable version of Heimdall will stay available for Homey 1.5.13 but as I expect Athom to freeze this firmware version I will do so the same for the compatible Heimdall version.

At some point in time the 2.0 compatible version of Heimdall will be promoted to stable and the 1.5.13 compatible version will be no longeravailable for installation through the App Store.
I’ve researched the possibility to build a version that would becompatible with 1.5.13 and 2.0 but decided to not try to make such aversion as this would take to much time.


Please write in English or use the Dutch sub forum!


Please write in English or use Dutch subforum!


I activate Heimdall in the Full Surveillance Mode when going out the door, but I would like it to activate in the Partial mode when I go to bed (so it doesn’t trigger on the PIRs on the first floor, when someone goes to the bathroom).

But I can’t set the Partial mode from flows, would that be a possibility?

On a sidenote: you’re using “Alarm is geactiveerd” as a flow-trigger, which is a bit confusing since the meaning could be either “Alarm has been triggered in (partial) activated surveillance mode” or “Heimdall is in an active surveillance mode”.


Hello @cesarenl, Setting the Surveillance Mode from a flow can be done using the Set Surveillance Mode Action Card from the Surveillance Mode Switch

Homey V1:

Homey V2:

Throughout the whole app Surveillance Mode (Toezicht mode) is used as the term for settings the armed state and Alarm is used for the situation in which something is triggered and alerting is needed.
The distinct flow trigger cards are Surveillance Mode changed. (Toezicht modus is gewijzigd.) and The alarm is activated. (Het alarm is geactiveerd.) both with the appropriate tags for the situations in which they are triggered, I understand they seem ambiguous.


Ello! :slight_smile:
Just upgraded to V2.0 in all my enthusiasm but… my most important app is not working and I forgot that it didn’t officially work yet. Can you help me explain how to install the beta please…?




I don’t get this. Do i have to install this on the laptop within homey developer?
Btw the old version also works overhere :wink:


No need to install via CLI, I’ve gotten confirmation on Slack that compatibility >=2.0 will not install on 1.5.13 so users that are on 1.5.13 will not be bothered by the new version.

The firmware 2.0 compatible version of Heimdall is as of now published in the App Store!


Here, take my money!


Just heared homey say nieuwe update homey app “Heimdall”.
Went to look and it was already installed. Fantastic. Works very good again.

thanks for the good work Danee


Hi @DaneedeKruyff,

I did the update to 2.0 and after that I don’t have any devices found in Heimdall (v1.0.25 )

I have restart the app and also homey.
All of my devices are aqara but they are working. So I don’t know if I’m the only one with this problem?
Thanks again from a happy Heimdall(and Homey) user


Hi @Wdl Heimdall 1.0.25 is not compatible with Homey V2. Unfortunately Homey does not warn a user for incompatible apps but I had expected Homey to install the new version from the App Store that is V2 compatible. (It seems to have done that for @Frans_Keeman)

Could you go into the app and try to update it? (I don’t know how that works in the app, I have not done manual updates from the app)
If that doesn’t work or you can’t find it, can you please go to the App Store and install the latest version from there?


So if I understand correctly, it’s safe now to update to homey 2.0 if you are a heimdall user?

Lack of support for heimdall was the only reason keeping me from updating at this point.


In my opinion it is, don’t know what else you rely on so can only judge it for Heimdall.
Please do check the version after the upgrade to V2, I am not sure Homey will automatically update apps. (See the posts from Frans_Keeman and Wdl)


And quick as always! :smile:

Heimdall V2.0.0 is much better. Sorry I didn’t see that a update was available for Heimdall. I expect to see that in the homey app. But I couldn’t find it.( Auto update off so it didn’t update automatically)


It updated inmideatly on my homey. I do have auto update on and experimental updates


Thanks so much for all your trouble and time. Really love the app!


I also had this om my homey after the update and thought maybe the app was not working yet but it has fixed itself later. Should be working fine after updating the app because I checked now and zee Heimdall was updated this evening


Same for me. Auto updated.


Inside the house.
I have room in my wardrobe to put the Keypad in a less visible place.
A person entering would swipe the RFID key on his or her Keychain.
The Keypad triggers homey via a fibary Binary sensor