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I have a hidden remote in the doorway. Good WAF and secure enough. And I get a notification every time someone disarms so I will know if someone but my family does it.


I use geofencing for all users without a problem (owntracks) when it comes to full alarm.

During the night (partial alarm) i have set it so that only one motion sensor can disable the alarm (which happens to be in a spot that you have to walk by when going downstairs). If any other motion sensor/ door sensor (which is included in the partial alarm subset of sensors) was triggered prior to this one, the alarm trips.

Works like a charm this way and no need to push buttons or enter codes or whatever.


Geofencing only works if you’re the only people who use your house - cat sitter and cleaner in ours for example.

For this reason I use NFC tags on the top of homey as standard (I do use geofencing for my cameras with Life360 and as a backup)

Havent yet found a good way to do partial - i do like your motion sensor idea, but how do you arm?


For anyone that has no geofencing in the house I use “guest mode” virtual device button in HomeKit. This makes sure that the alarm is not enabled when no house members are at home but a guest is. Also, when guests are sleeping downstairs it doesn’t open the curtains in the morning when the button is active or starts vacuuming downstairs at the 2AM Schedule . As soon as the guests leave, I disable the “guests” mode and everything returns to normal.

For activating partial mode; I have two aqara wireless buttons (one at each side of the bed);

When either one is pressed, all the lights go off in the house, any (harmony) activity that was playing turns off and the light in the hallway flickers for ten seconds, then goes into lowest output mode to act as a little night light. Last action it does is check for any open doors and windows. If none are open, it sets “partial armed” mode in heimdall and notifies us through HomeKit that the alarm was set to “home mode”.

Of course, I could also do all of the above by asking Siri to set the alarm to Home. This does the same thing but I don’t really like talking to my phone…

If I would truly want to do above fully automated I could arm partial alarm based on the time and motion in the bedroom. But I am quite happy with the current solution :).


Nice. Like that.

What happens if a burglar breaks in via, say, an upstairs window? Wouldnt the first motion sensor be the one that deactivates the alarm system?


All the windows and doors have a contact sensor that is active so there is no way someone who is not already in the house can reach the motion sensor that deactivates the partial alarm before another sensor is triggered.

During full alarm mode everything is active (even motion sensors in all the rooms upstairs and in the attic) and the disarming based on the “first” motion sensor is not enabled anyway, of course :).


Thnx Danee, Really happy with this one. Now my Timeline is truly mine. :smile:


Quite clever, will look into such solution until a reliable and easy dashboard keypanel is created.


Interesting solutions. I’m curious to know what your flow looks like when the alarm is triggered? In my alarm flow I send push notifications with Reason/Zone to our phones, turn all lights on, capture video on all three Blink cameras and turn my Aeotech siren on.
What else makes sense?


My curtains also open during the alarm triggered phase.


Hi there, just wanted to share that I have managed to connect the K2000 with Heimdall.

My original setup was activation based on presence (IFTTT) but due to delays it didn’t work properly.

I currently have basic flows to enable and disable the alarm based on a trigger from the RFID key.
But it is not user specific unfortunately so I have to consider how to resolve that…
I’d want to make the keys user specific and update presence.
Now the flows are really basic:
if Binary sensor triggered
And alarm is disarmed
Then arm alarm


If Binary sensor triggered
And alarm is armed
Then disarm alarm

Any ideas?


I don’t think you can. At least, I didn’t succeed if we’re talking about the same keypad + binary sensor.

  1. The keypad has only two outcomes:
  • Valid user code
  • bell pressed
  1. The binary sensor I was using to make it a ZWave keypad also has two inputs/outputs
    So, even if (1) wasn’t a problem, you would have to connect multiple sensors to the device.

I liked the combination for a keypad with RFID-tags. But the above limitation, plus the fact that even I (and I don’t have any advanced skills, just not afraid to use a screwdriver) was able to easily bypass the tamper sensor in under 30s (as the tamper sensor has no output and thus cannot be connected to one of the binary sensor inputs, you can easily put your finger on the spring to stop the sound. And then simply create your only signal on the binary sensor input to trigger a ‘valid user’ response). So only when you sleep in a connecting room, you wouldn’t be any wiser. It was enough reason for me to return the device and get another keypad.


What keypad did you get?

What I really want is a very small, high WAF RFID or NFC reader that is unobtrusive yet can identify the tag. And obviously that connects to Homey


Benext Keypad RFID READER Z-Wave plus and I only use the Home and Amay buttons an a personal rfid tag for each person.

Benext keypad is also found under the original producer (Zipato).


I’ve decided I wanted to have at least a keypad, and RFID was second. So I now have the POPP keypad. I must admit, it wasn’t plug’n’play either. I made some pull requests to the beta branch of the POPP-app to make it work.

Edit: @M_a_r_c_o the Zipato/Benext was indeed the runner-up


I have the K2000 https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/coJRmojO


Hahaha, for that price you can get every user their own keypad :wink:
Yes, these are the same (Robbshop also advertises their AD2000M as a K2000)


Could you give some iformation on how you hve this set up please.

  • is it place inside the house or ouside?
  • a person entering presents the token / or enters the correct code?
  • if unlocked, how does this update the status to Homey?



Benext keypad werkt niet goed op Homey. Ik heb hem teruggestuurd enige tijd geleden.


Maybe it’s better to continue the discussion about the keypads and how to use them here to keep this topic clean.