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Hello Colin,

The Alarm Delay will always be used on selected sensors, there is no possibility to remove it on a timed schedule.


You could create the delay using a flow with countdown and a virtual sensor, not using the delay in Heimdall at all. Then you will have more controll. I am doing this for a specific sensor on my storage door.


Danes and Anders thanks for the replies. I will give that ago Anders. Thanks very much.


I have installed the Heimdall app and all devices (door sensors) are available and recognised by Heimdall, configured as full and partial, frontdoor has a delay of 60 seconds.
I have written a flow which activates some lamps when the trigger alarm is activated, this flow is working correctly when testing.
I activate the “toezicht mode” using a 4 button Hank device, another button for deactivating this mode. This device is also working correctly and the according flow also.
However when the “toezicht mode” is set toFull or Partial, the alarm flow is not activated at all.

Of course I am doing something wrong but can’t figure out what.


Hi Bob,

Can you please look on the Dashboard on the settingspages of Heimdall there you can see if the Surveillance Mode is actualy set to the desired mode and if the opening of a door is indeed registered and if an Alarm Countdown is started.

Please post your findings here so we have a place to start looking what goes wrong in your situation.

(To have a better readable overview of the Dashboard see this post: Homey Flow for Web - three Column view [CSS customization])

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On the dashboard the surveillance mode is set. It is working now I think, but there is a general delay of some time. When I open the door directly after the mode is set, the alarm is not triggered. (and of course I am not opening the frontdoor with the delayed mode).


There should be no delay, unless it’s configured. Can you post a screenshot of your Delays settings?

What happens if you set the Surveillance Mode using the Surveillance Mode switch?


There is also a delay when using the switch.


Well, your settings explain why.
You have configured an Arming delay (Inschakel vertraging) of 60 seconds and have enabled Use when enabling (Partially) Armed mode (Gebruik vertraging bij Volledige/Gedeeltelijke mode)
So when the Surveillance Mode is selected (either by flow or the Surveillance Mode Switch) it will be actualy activated 60 seconds later.

(Also, you said in an earlier post you selected Delayed (Vertraagd) on the front door sensor but you have set the Alarm delay to 0 seconds so there will effectively be no delay when the front door is opened)


Great, thanks a lot and thanks for the great app, I misunderstood those settings (RTFM?). I will buy you some beer for tonight.


You’re welcome, thanks!


I think I might have found a bug in Heimdall, at least in the version for v1.5 of Homey (not upgradet yet, soon…).
If you have armed full and select partial armed (with arming delay) and press disarm before the delay has ended, it seems that only the partial arming is “disarmed”/stopped and Heimdall will return to fully armed.
I have seen this once and have not yet retried it.