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I have installed 32 apps without problems. I only restart homey once a week


I see value on the screens, temp on or off, or isn’t this what you mean?


there is a poll (here) with how many people have installed in apps, where majority has between 9 - 20 but is head to head with 21 - 30 apps.
so is it still 15? (it was never 15, you only got a message that homey Could be slower), i don’t think so.


Do you see temp and status on all devices?
I have nothing like this…


I dont have many devices , but i see the same status on all my lamps, Philips Hue and Ikea, i see a “!” when motion alarm goes on on my aeotec multisensor and the Set temperature of my heating (Honeywell Evohome).

Thats all i have sofar, i am waiting for a stable 2.0 .

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Hello! Am I only one who experienced location settings error?

iOS latest homey latest software

Homey can track my location (came home, left home) even better than in v1.

So, if you haven’t this issue, what should I do!


Herman I’ve got the Xiaomi temp sensor But I can’t see the value on the ‘beginscreen’.

Is there a setting what is missed?


I honestly would not know, since I don’t have that device, sorry


Can’t see temperatures/Humidities on the tile either.


You can’t see values of temperature sensors on the home screen yet, still on the todo list of athom.

For now only on/off and thermostats can show the state on the start screen, the rest not yet.

Do send them an email about it, so they know to put it higher on the todo list.


Hello I have the same xiaomi. I got it right. Developers of xiaomi will need to modify the 2.0. But when ? What about you? No sensors show the status. In time, they will probably adjust. This is a step back. It takes the time and the taste of the developers.


Like @Caseda says: it’s on the todo-list of Athom, nothing app-developers can do about it now. I presume the issue is already raised at https://support.athom.com/hc/nl/requests/new but to be sure, you can file a request there…


There have been requests made by developers to get certain functionality, being able to show a value in the top right corner of a device is one of them:

Another one is for developers to be able to override the standard yes/no for a boolean value with a more meaningful text depending on the item (like for example the possibility for open/closed)

Also, an apps settings page can not use the full screen width an height because it’s simply not made available to an app developer

If you want this, try helping the developers convince Athom to add support for it by giving a :+1: on the raised issues at Github (but please don’t start a discussion there!)


I did have a similar issue here, getting that white screen when i go to “Apparaten”
(Devices) in the app. Clearing all data of the app (no only cache!) did resolve that issue for me…


I also have the issue with the apps list and clearing all data did not resolve this.


Netatmo stable and beta are down


Hi all. I installed Homey v2.0.0-rc.9 yesterday without problems. I’m not adjusted to managing my 100+ flow from a little screen , so I updated my old flow viewer page (https://github.com/irritanterik/homey-realtime-logpage). It’s read only for now, but hope to add ‘clone’, ‘rename’, ‘move’ options later on.
Getting the new V2 bearer is a liitle bit harder now, but with some packet sniffing on android i got it working.


Hi, can we see the “ToDo” list? So I can check If I am not asking the same things, another already did…

Kind regards,



athom wants you to do exactly that, the more they get a certain question, the higher it can get on the todo list.