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Homey 2.0 Heating Scheduler and Alarm/Security functions


I can’t see a demo/review of Homey 2.0 anywhere to those of you using 2.0, can you confirm if there are any proper heating scheduler or alarm/security functions?

(I know there was some talk about these for more than a year being part of 2.0, but can’t see any discussion about it now.)


A heating schedule was never mentioned and also not in homey v2, security (official) will be after homey v2.0 is in stable somewhere.
But there is always heimdal for this purpose that is being rewritten to v2 by the community developer now.


Without a supported app and separate flows for 14 thermostats each having 4 set points per day of each week, I’ll need 392 flows. There must be a better way.